DELLARESS German Shepherds

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Quincy will live on through his beautiful daughters


Dellaress Calamity Jane "A""Z" CL I
Multi  EXCELLENT Graded

Vanharley Wild Spirit "A""Z" CL I
Multi EXCELLENT Graded

Vanharley Yenta "A""Z" CL I
Multi EXCELLENT Graded

Vanharley Deja Vu "A""Z" CL I

Vanharley Faith "A""Z" BSCII

and   their upcoming progeny

Dellaress Kalani "A""Z"

Dellaress Icecapade "A""Z"

Vanharley Glamour Girl "A""Z" BSCLI

Vanharley Kalander Girl "A""Z" B.S.CLI

Vanharley Hail N Thunda "A""Z" BSCLI

Vanharley Holly "A""Z"

Vanharley Quite A Diva

Vanharley Sorority Girl

Vanharley Urban Girl

Vanharley Utah Girl


Three score and ten are given to man
But ours are a much briefer span
So though I give you all my heart
The time has come when we must part

But all around you, you will see
Creatures that speak to you of me
An excited wag, a joyful bark
Dancing eyes, full of spark

Care and love them (I know you will)
And somehow I'll be with you still
And I shall know, although I'm gone
The love I gave you lingers on.

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